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Solar power continues to be an excellent energy option for homeowners in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Save a significant amount on your exorbitant electricity bills and take advantage of affordable solar power with low installation costs.

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Financing Options Are Available To Assist with the Cost of Solar Panels and Installation

Arranging sufficient funds for solar panel installation can be tricky given the significant initial investment. Whether getting solar energy for a residential or commercial property, you can get immediate energy bill savings with reasonable financing options to fit your budget. When it comes to going solar, we offer a number of different solutions to fit your needs. The benefits of each have been outlined below. For further inquiries on each solar finance option please feel free to contact us. Call us at (202) 643-8151 or write to us at for free proposals with cost-benefit breakdown.

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Choosing A Plan That Works For You

Expert solar installation services and renewable energy solutions can be expensive. We understand the varying needs of our customers and offer some flexible financial solutions - choices of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Net-Zero payment option, Financing or of course, outright cash sale. Visit our Finance page to learn more or contact us for additional details.

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Installation & Maintenance

We understand the challenges that come with installing solar panels or any other renewable energy solution on your property. However, as one of the leading commercial & residential solar installation companies, you can trust our professional solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and provide excellent savings.

Additionally, we understand that solar panels after installation may need regular inspection and maintenance from time to time. Thus, our experts provide maintenance, monitoring, component replacement, and general upkeep for sustainable performance after your solar installation has been completed.



With years of local market experience, we provide safe, secure, and lucrative opportunities for people to generate solar power for their home or business. Reach out to Solenergi soon to take advantage of current incentives and get the best deal on solar power installation, repair and maintenance services in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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